The Next Generation of Cities

Next Generation of Cities-Mohamed Helmy-Speech at Space of CultureSpace of Culture hosted Mohamed Helmy, Entrepreneur, Founder of Progrss, and Co-founder of MasterPeace and KMT House. He presented the challenges that face today’s cities with the huge increase of global population and how humanity’s future will largely be determined by the cities that this generation is creating today.

“By 2050, we estimate that the number of people living in cities will grow to 75% of the global population, adding tremendous pressure in a very short time on cities’ physical, social and political infrastructure. Most striking, perhaps, is the fact that 60% of the cities of 2050 have not yet been built. We need to act fast.” Helmy says

progrss is a platform that aims to support cities transformation to the future and unlock their full potential as vibrant, sustainable and progressive spaces. Urbanisation is already one of the biggest trend of this century that will affect the future of this planet together with climate change.