Secrets of Moonlight



Sekem Eurythmy Ensemble presented an impressive movement performance last Monday on Hoda Shaarawy Theater. The performance titled “Secrets of Moonlight” was accompanied by distinguished poems of Khalil Gibran, Mahmoud Hassan Ismail, Mahmoud Darwish, and Djalaleldin Rumi. Remarkable music  pieces by Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Gamal Abdel Rahiem were also played.


“Secrets of Moonlight” is directed by Martina Dinkel and performed by Sekem Eurythmy Ensemble members: Abla Maher, Iman Ismail, Mohamed Mamdouh, Nahla Hassan, Nahla Mostafa, Nana Woo, Nashwa Ahmed, Shaimaa Chattab, and Wagieh Elowa.


Students of VTC were Amany Mostafa, Amira Shaaban, Ayat Adel, Omneia Mo’men, Rabab Mostafa, and Yara Mahmoud.


Music by Sherif Mostafa (Piano), Magdy Ahmed (Oud), Ashraf Saleh (Percussion), Angela Hofmann (Accordion), and Isis Mohamed (Violin). Music Arrangement by Steven Simon and Sherif Mostafa. The speaker was Amira Badawi.