Words – like Hands of Roses

As words can speak like roses, the guests of the Eurythmy performance were welcomed by Martina Dinkel the Director with a red rose. She then introduced the show to be an embodiment of how words can be a magical world of imagination.


The performance started with a movement accompanied by music of Nuri El Ruheibany which visualized the power of words. The second one came along the pleasant words of Nazik Al-Malaika:

Why do we fear words

when they have been rose-palmed hands,

fragrant, passing gently over our cheeks,

and glasses of heartening wine

sipped, one summer, by thirsty lips?

The following two shows were joined by music of Abu Bakr Khairat and Stephen Simon and the last movement was a wonderful illustration of Khalil Gibran’s poem about the sea and how humans and nature can harmoniously interact. It portrayed the consistency between human goals and the surrounding environment which is the true meaning of sustainable development.