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About The Space of Culture

The Space of Culture emerges from Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development as part of the university’s vision of striving towards “ in Egypt and the world”.

The driving philosophy of the Space of Culture is based on the connection and integration of various cultures in a central point in Egypt. It represents meeting of the East, West, North, and South here in Egypt, the crossroad of civilizations. Here, all cultures and ideas can enmesh in a series of dialogues, performances, exhibitions, etc to enrich the region with a diversity of ideas, beauty, and cultures. The Space of Culture serves as a lighthouse for the whole community.

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Recent Events

In Appreciation of Prophet Mohammed

In memory of Prophet Muahmmad’s birth, the Core Program team recited the most enjoyable verses of Al-Boseiri and Ahmed Shawki praising Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). They entertained the …

Charming Oriental Music with Elharamlek Band

  With its exuberant performance, Elharamlek band entertained Heliopolis University students, staff members, and employees in Ibn Rushd Hall last week. The band could get the audience clapping along with their …

Space of Culture is fostering cultural development and we need your support in making that happen!