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The Space of Culture emerges from Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development as part of the university’s vision of striving towards “ in Egypt and the world”.

The driving philosophy of the Space of Culture is based on the connection and integration of various cultures in a central point in Egypt. It represents meeting of the East, West, North, and South here in Egypt, the crossroad of civilizations. Here, all cultures and ideas can enmesh in a series of dialogues, performances, exhibitions, etc to enrich the region with a diversity of ideas, beauty, and cultures. The Space of Culture serves as a lighthouse for the whole community.

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Fatma-play-space of culture

Fatma -Day In Day Out

  “Fatma Day In Day Out” is a new dramatic play by Heliopolis University Acting Studio. It draws the daily life of every woman who takes care of her family …

Yalla Mazzika

This week at the Space of Culture we had a special concert by Andreas and Haggar, who sang amazing Arabic and English songs. The concert team: Andreas Kalbhenn, Haggar Mesalam …

The Next Generation of Cities

Space of Culture hosted Mohamed Helmy, Entrepreneur, Founder of Progrss, and Co-founder of MasterPeace and KMT House. He presented the challenges that face today’s cities with the huge increase of …

Space of Culture is fostering cultural development and we need your support in making that happen!